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Name Deadline Amount Renew Send To
Marine Corps Scholarship Dec 03 V($20,000) Yes See website
Elks Most Valuable Student Nov 27 V($1,000) Yes See website
Idaho School Board Association Feb 02 $250-$500 Yes Counselor
University of Idaho Dec 01 Varies Yes University of Idaho
Nat. Society of DAR Feb 15 Varies Yes See website
Hecla-Bunker Hill Dec 01 V($700) No University of Idaho
Luoma Dec 01 V($875) Yes Counselor
Cartwright-Harlow--download documents Dec 01 V($1,500-$3,500) Yes Counselor
Norton Feb 15 $1,500 Yes Counselor
Society of Women Engineers Feb 24 V($2,000) No Complete Online
Far West Agribusiness Association Feb 28 $250 Yes FWAA
Heartflight Feb 28 $1,000 No ALC CDA
Dave Kludt Feb 28 $1,000 No ALC CDA
Inland NW Community Foundation Mar 1 $250 - $2,500 Yes See website
Lewis-Clark State College Mar 1 Varies Yes See website
David Flood Memorial Mar 1 $200 No Toby Flood CDA
North Idaho College Mar 14 Varies Yes NIC
Hall Mar 15 $500 Yes Wallace
Rotary Club of Wallace Mar 15 Varies Yes Wallace
Tony Sabala Mar 15 $2,000 No Counselor
Good Samarita-Silverwood Village Mar 15 $250 No Dav Bargman
North Idaho Fair and Rodeo Foundation Mar 30 $1000 No NIF & RF
Centennial Mar 30 $1,000 No Counselor
Community Service Award Mar 31 $600 No Counselor
H.C. Slamberg Apr 1 $475 No Counselor
Mullan Community Foundation Apr 1 $1,000 No Counselor
PEO Apr 1 $300 No Counselor
Idaho Community Foundation (Zanetti & Others) Apr 1 V($650) No Elly Davis
Lunen/Christopherson Apr 10 $250(2) No Counselor
Gay Ford Memorial Apr 15 V($300) No Counselor
Avista Apr 15 Varies (12) Yes Avista
Masonic Lodge (McCullough) Apr 15 V($200) Yes Counselor
Community Apr 15 Varies No Counselor
Kingsbury Apr 15 V($300) Yes D.O. Brien. Wallace
Philip & Lucy Weber (Guys Only) Apr 15 $300 No Counselor
North Idaho Building Contractors Association Apr 15 $500(2) No Counselor
Silver Valley Arts and Crafts Apr 15 $250(2) No SV A&C
Silver Valley Republican Women Apr 26 $400 No Counselor
Community Service (Debby Angle) Apr 29 Varies No Counselor
Terrill Citizenship Award Apr 30 V($1,000) No Counselor
Kiwanis & Eastern Star Apr 01 $500 each No Counselor
Wallace Gyo May 1 V($500) No Counselor
Miss Center of the Universe/Mr. Hardrock May 20 $1000 No Counselor
Workforce Investment Act-Silver Valley Office Anytime Need Yes Nancy Mcgee
Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship Jun 01 $1000 No davidf@athleticscholarships.net
Idaho Opportunity Scholarship Mar 01 3,500 Yes Counselor
Jackie Robinson Foundation Feb 02 30,000 total over 4 years Yes Counselor
Shoshone Medical Center Foundation Apr 16 $500 No Counselor
Idaho Governor's Cup Academic/4 Year Scholarship Feb 15 3,000 Yes Counselor
Idaho Governor's Cup Career/Technical Scholarship Apr 15 3,000 Yes Counselor
Shoshone County Democrats Mar 09 $250 No Counslor